Who I am

My name is Luke Roche and I have been programming since I was 13 years old. Immediately after discovering computer science, I was obsessed. I spent countless hours programming as a kid and I have maintained that level of passion and energy to this day. Currently, I left my cushy job at Intel to grow my career at a startup. After just a few months on the job, I made massive contributions to the company and myself as an engineer.

Progression tracker

When trying to improve, it's important to be entirely on top of the time you spend and the actions you take. Here, I track the time seeking to improve myself daily.


Mentors have the abililty to accelerate your growth on an unbelievably fast timeline. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today without the help of my mentors. These people are the reason I am where I am today and I want to stress how important these type of people are for accelerating your success.


Computer science isn't just a job, career or hobby; it's an art. The art is a mesmerizing tapestry woven with intricate algorithms and elegant code. The very language in which you write code is a superset of the language of the universe: mathematics & logic. The unbounded scale at which a single program can grow is what makes a single programmer so powerful. To me, being a computer scientist is the most exciting thing you can be.

Present Day

I have spent time at Intel scaling their backend for automation. I wrote the internal structures and systems that each automation workflow is built upon on their chip inspection team. After learning a ton, I moved to a more fast paced environment to see if I couldn't accelerate my skill development. This is how I landed at Topaz Labs, where I work now. Topaz Labs is filled with brilliant people who's focused is honed to a point on user-facing product development. After just a short amount of time here, I learned so much about ownership, product quality, and code reliability.


East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816
United States of America